Fall Into Math

October 18–29, 2021

DimensionU is proud to power Fall Into Math for the students everywhere, grades 3–10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this competition for?

The Fall Into Math esports competition is for all students in grades 3 through 10 who have a school based account, or those who have purchased a consumer account. Not sure if your account qualifies? Ask your teacher or email us at tournaments@dimensionu.com.

Students who have won a DimensionU prize in 2021 are not eligible to win a prize during this competition.

Which of my points count toward my total score?

The points earned during your first game of the day will count for the Fall Back Esports Competition. You can play as many games each day as you’d like, but you’ll only earn a tournament score for your first game. So make it a good one!

We’ll add your daily score up each day between Monday October 18 and Friday October 29 to get your Final Competition Score.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the event of a scoring tie, the student who earned those points FIRST in the day will be the winner.

Which levels do I need to play?
Grade Level
3 D
4 E
5 F
6 G
7 H
8 I
9–10 Algebra / J

Points earned by students in the following levels will count toward your score:

When will winners be announced?

You should track points at the leaderboard throughout the competition. Winners will be verified before prizes are distributed. Announcement of all winners will take place during the first week of November. Prizes will be distributed directly to the school contact.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at tournaments@dimensionu.com.

Any indication of cheating by a player will result in immediate disqualification from this, and future, DimensionU competitions. DimensionU has sole discretion in removing a player from the competition.